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Once projects are identified and the requested scope of service is defined, we would be pleased to document the same in a formal proposal.  This procedure will ensure that we understand your request so that we may perform the services that you require.  Particularly in cases when value-engineering services are required, the final scope of work for a given project may best be formulated in phases.  Our company is accustomed to performing a varied scope and tracking multiple phases of work on the same project.


An important aspect of engineering and construction materials testing services is to maintain effective communication and to provide thorough documentation.  At KEG, we are committed to keeping the project team informed.  During the performance of construction materials testing, our field technicians prepare written daily summaries which document their observations and test results.  Daily summaries are left at the job site after the completion of each technician visit.  Non-compliant work is immediately reported to the contractor.  Transmittals that include a compilation of daily summaries and final test results are prepared weekly by our administrative staff and reviewed by the Project Manager.  If required, summary reports can be issued periodically during the project and at the completion of the project summarizing testing activities and results.


Our professional services are managed by one of our professional engineers who specialize in geotechnical and construction materials engineering.  The Project Manager’s responsibilities include supervision of daily field and laboratory testing activities, reviewing test results, generating final reports, and providing technical guidance for the project.  Reports documenting our field testing and observations, laboratory testing, and engineering recommendations will be reviewed, signed, and stamped by Mr. Kessel, as appropriate.


Our field technicians are cross-trained to provide each of the construction materials testing services that we perform.  That allows us to be both flexible and responsive to on-call scheduling requirements.  We request 24 hours notice prior to our providing on-call field technician services to schedule efficiently.  However, in most cases when clients and contractors request last minute testing, we are able to accommodate their request.  We go out of our way to keep projects moving forward because we are acutely aware that time is money in the construction industry.  The individual field technician(s) assigned to each project will depend on our technician availability at the initiation of the project.  For projects requiring continuous testing, a full-time field technician will be assigned to the project.


The administrative support staff in our offices will assist in generating final reports for the project.  They are responsible for ensuring that reports are submitted in a timely manner and assist in maintaining effective communication between Kessel Engineering Group, the client, design team, and contractors.

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