At KEG we specialize in Construction Materials Testing and Geotechnical Engineering Services.

Is your project site subject to a steep slope ordinance that requires a geotechnical exploration? We can help! Although you may not have anticipated hiring a geotechnical engineer, rest assured you’ll be glad you did.

Subsurface conditions are the largest “unknown” for projects without a geotechnical exploration because, especially in the mountains, every site is different. Adverse or unanticipated subsurface conditions can lead to huge construction delays or budget overruns.  If adverse subsurface conditions are left unidentified or the project is not properly designed given the actual subsurface conditions, your project elements can experience cracking, settlement, or even failure.  Hiring a geotechnical engineer can reduce your risk of similar misfortune and can save you money.

A geotechnical exploration can also be useful for real-estate transactions.  Having actual subsurface information regarding what you are selling or a comfort level with what you are purchasing can take the guesswork out of the transaction.

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